Solutions from the Frontline

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Today we publish a new report based on work we’ve been doing with people across the country since the start of the year.

Solutions from the Frontline is based on the ideas and experiences of people with multiple needs and those who support them.

It sets out how the new Government, as well as national and local policy makers and commissioners, can act to reduce stigma, improve services, and support people to achieve their ambitions.

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How to build support: frontline tips for influencing politicians and policymakers

Building Support Handout-1

Last Wednesday, a number of participants in Voices from the Frontline traveled to the Multiple Needs Summit in London. Over the last few months, all of them have been involved in a conversation about what the next government should do to improve support for people with multiple needs.

A big part of this conversation has been about how to explain the issues affecting them so that politicians and policymakers can understand and will listen. For that reason, we held a joint workshop with Opportunity Nottingham (an organisation improving services for people with complex needs in the city) to explore this.

One thing was clear: there’s a huge amount of knowledge out there about how to put the case across. Read on for some of the best tips that people had.

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