MEAM works alongside local and national policymakers to help them create an environment that incentivises and supports coordinated services for people facing multiple disadvantage.

At the moment, policy decisions often fail to reflect either the interests of people experiencing multiple disadvantage or their experiences. Better policy would enable local areas to provide the best possible support, and remove barriers to people’s recovery and rehabilitation.

Better policy requires a shared commitment to act across government, more suitable models of funding than those available at present, a stronger focus on accountability and closer attention to the root causes of multiple disadvantage.

It also requires continued investment in the services people need. We strive to change the way that policy is made – locally and nationally – ensuring that people with experience of multiple disadvantage and frontline practitioners are able to make their voices heard and have their ideas acted upon.

We support local areas to identify opportunities for influencing policy and ensure that individuals facing multiple disadvantage and those who support them have the skills, knowledge and agency to get involved.

Changing systems: what does it really take?

In this video you will hear from a partnership currently using the MEAM Approach. They discuss the drivers for coming together, the impact this has had for people experiencing multiple disadvantage in their area and what it really takes for services to work together to achieve system change.