The MEAM Approach booklet

This booklet provides information on the MEAM Approach in a downloadable PDF format.


Co-design self assessment tool

The tool aims to guide and support conversations and to enable partnerships to consider the strengths and weaknesses of their co-design work and identify areas for further development. Co-design is just one of many possible approaches to co-production. This tool should be read in conjunction with the MEAM resource Getting started with co-production, available on the MEAM website.

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Getting started with co-production

This guide outlines a set of practical steps that local partnerships can consider to begin or continue their co-production journey. The guide is based on learning from MEAM’s experience of supporting local partnerships to develop and maintain co-production in their local work, combined with people’s personal experiences of participating in co-production as a person with lived experience of multiple disadvantage.

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The Healthy Partnerships Self-Assessment Tool

This tool is intended to help local areas and organisations to consider where their partnership work is at the moment; to help identify potential areas for improvement and to reflect on what actions to take. The tool is based on a thematic review undertaken by our independent evaluators, Cordis Bright, of how partnerships are structured and work in practice across areas using the MEAM Approach.

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MEAM Approach Network Communications Guide

This resource, updated in 2022, provides practical advice on communications for areas in the MEAM Approach network.


Systems Intervention Tool

Our MEAM System Intervention Tool can help areas to explore specific challenges in their local systems. It forms the basis of our intervention support to local areas.  Please contact us if you would like more information.

The tool is accompanied by the MEAM systems leadership for multiple disadvantage programme, a space for building skills and exchanging knowledge, experiences and examples of good practice among people leading this work. The programme is based around the four elements of the MEAM Systems Intervention Tool and the course is offered over a period of 8 months.

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Webinar: Developing power-aware and trauma-informed cross-sector partnerships

This webinar explores three key aspects of effective partnership working:

  1. Coproduction and power;
  2. Developing a positive learning culture; and
  3. Generating shared vision and values to underpin your work
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Webinar: Taking a systemic approach to multiple disadvantage

This webinar explores understanding multiple disadvantage through a systems thinking lens, the values and behaviours central to systems thinking and contextualising problems from different perspectives.

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Case Studies

MEAM in practice includes case studies about how areas across the network have adopted the MEAM Approach. You can also learn more about diverse areas of work that have developed as a result of local areas using the MEAM Approach.

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Policy Explainers

MEAM is publishing a series of “policy into practice” explainers to explore key national policy developments and what these mean for people and services in local areas.

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