Systems Leadership

Local work to transform services and systems for people facing multiple disadvantage can be complex, challenging and ambiguous. In these spaces, traditional problem-solving techniques and improvement approaches often fall short and mean that little progress is made.

Systems approaches have been designed to work in these spaces and have been effective in many complex situations around the world.

At MEAM, we bring together the innovation and insight that systems approaches provide, alongside a practical understanding of how services and local areas actually work. Together with our deep knowledge of multiple disadvantage and core commitment to coproduction, this enables us to provide expert, authentic and sustainable support to local areas that are working to tackle multiple disadvantage.

Systems Leadership

For changes in complex systems to be sustainable, the people working in and on the system will need the skills to be involved in and then continue the work. With people’s lives becoming more complex, rising costs and dwindling funding, systems thinking approaches offer new perspectives to complex problems that traditional problem solving does not. They tap into the wisdom of people in and affected by the work, re-invigorating and enabling areas to learn their way to action.

Our systems leadership training programmes offer systems practice skills, tools and approaches that are grounded in practical application. Our trainers have hands on experience of working in these areas both as systems practitioners and as frontline experts. We are currently delivering systems leadership training for Westminster City Council as part of their Changing Futures programme, and to a cohort of nine of our MEAM Approach network areas.

A standard iteration of the training is an eight-month cycle, with a half-day contact time each month. We alternate between learning sessions and coaching/reflection sessions to maximise application and internalisation of learning. Our training is hands on, interactive and accessible – we meet learners where they are and help them apply concepts to their system – with plenty of time for discussion and embedding. The course uses the MEAM Systems Intervention Tool, following the Build, Explore, Act, Learn cycle with application to real-world issues during the programme.

We can also work with you to create bespoke training offers that are right for your area or organisation. For example we can:

  • Adapt our systems leadership training to run over different durations/levels of intensity (from one day introductions and workshops to 3-5 day intensive packages, online or in person)
  • Provide ongoing wrap-around support for systems leaders, such as 1-2-1 & team coaching, coaching triads, action learning, action research and online support platforms.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss system leadership training: