Looking for learning: MEAM seeks an evaluation partner

The MEAM coalition is looking for an experienced and dedicated evaluation partner to work alongside us over the next five years.  Our director, Oliver Hilbery, explains more: People with multiple needs face a combination of problems including homelessness, substance misuse, contact with the criminal justice system and mental ill health. They fall through the gaps […]

“I am starting to feel like a human being again.”

Across the country, people experiencing multiple needs have benefited from services working better together. In this blog, Anne describes the support she’s received from the Cambridgeshire Chronically Excluded Adults service, which was developed using the MEAM Approach. I have a law degree and had a career in business. I worked and lived in London and never […]

Cambridgeshire MEAM Approach featured in Guardian

A feature in today’s Guardian newspaper explores the government’s commitments to improving support for people with multiple needs. It focuses on the MEAM Approach work we have supported in Cambridgeshire, and interviews project leader Tom Tallon and those who have benefited from using the service. The piece also features Revolving Doors Agency, who we’ve been working closely with in developing our proposals for a […]