We must work together to prevent drug-related deaths

New figures published last Friday by the Office for National Statistics shows that deaths related to drug misuse have risen to record levels, reaching 43.8 deaths per million in England and Wales in 2015. The increase is driven in part by increasing purity and availability of heroin, which has led deaths involving heroin and morphine […]

Naxolone: a medicine to save lives

Andrew Brown (@andrewbrown365) At the beginning of the month new regulations were introduced which should mean that local authorities and the substance misuse services they commission are better equipped to prevent deaths from opioid overdose. Naloxone, a medicine that reverses the effects of opioid overdose, can now be given to current and former heroin users, […]

Rise in drug related deaths is cause for deep concern

Andrew Brown (@andrewbrown365) New data, published yesterday by the Office for National Statistics, shows that the rate of deaths caused by drug misuse in England and Wales are now at the highest since comparable records began in 1993. Last year 2,248 drug misuse related deaths were recorded, with a further 613 in Scotland and 115 in […]