Progress report on multiple needs and exclusions

MEAM has published a joint Progress report on multiple needs and exclusions with our partners Revolving Doors. It follows the launch of the cross-departmental Social Justice Strategy, in which the government made a clear commitment to the most disadvantaged adults in our society. Using the five recommendations from Turning the Tide, this briefing outlines a series of next steps for us, our partners and the government to work towards improved service delivery and coordination for individuals facing multiple needs and exclusions.


IFG MEAM Briefing

Last year the Institute for Government – in partnership with MEAM and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – hosted a roundtable discussion entitled ‘Adults with multiple needs and exclusions: the challenges for government and public services.’ A policy briefing discussing the lessons from the event and more recent political developments is now available. Please see this page on the Institute for Government website for more information on the event and its speakers (Jan 2011)


Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide: A Vision Paper for multiple needs and exclusions is a joint publication by MEAM and Revolving Doors. The paper addresses the huge financial and social costs of society’s failure to support the 60,000 adults facing multiple needs and exclusions in Britain today. Turning the Tide sets out how this damage can be prevented and is a call to action for political leaders from all parties. (Sept 11)