System Intervention

Local work to transform services and systems for people facing multiple disadvantage can be complex, challenging and ambiguous. In these spaces, traditional problem-solving techniques and improvement approaches often fall short and mean that little progress is made.

Systems approaches have been designed to work in these spaces and have been effective in many complex situations around the world.

At MEAM, we bring together the innovation and insight that systems approaches provide, alongside a practical understanding of how services and local areas actually work. Together with our deep knowledge of multiple disadvantage and core commitment to coproduction, this enables us to provide expert, authentic and sustainable support to local areas that are working to tackle multiple disadvantage.

System intervention support

Our system intervention support packages are designed to help local areas tackle specific challenges within their local systems. The support we provide is bespoke for each area’s needs, but all of the work is shaped by the MEAM Systems Intervention Tool (above). This helps us to support local areas through four key stages – building effective partnerships, exploring a problem from a range of perspectives, acting to make a change in the system and learning from the process. Running a cycle of this creates a learning loop that is the foundation of continuous improvement.

Our Systems Practice Managers have worked in and for services, supporting them to improve and deliver, so have a practical and grounded understanding of ‘what life is really like’ in the system. We currently support nine local areas within the MEAM Approach network under grant funding, and a growing number of local areas on a paid-for basis.

Our system intervention support can be linked with systems leadership training to create an all-round package that equips local systems with the knowledge, tools and mindset for sustainable and effective systems. change.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss system intervention support: