Invitation to tender: Racism and multiple disadvantage research

March 08, 2023

**This tender process is now closed**

MEAM is seeking a specialist partner to work with us and small number of local areas in the MEAM Approach network to explore how we can counter systemic racism and improve racial equity in our/their work. The deadline for applications is 12 April 2023.


MEAM recognises that racism and white privilege are a systemic feature and failure of our society and that they are therefore present in our day-to-day work. We acknowledge that in how we act and frame our work we are likely to be, knowingly or otherwise, complicit in perpetuating everyday systems and practices that cause or fail to address racism and inequity. We are committed to better understanding and responding to racism in all our work and across the local areas we support, and we have taken a range of actions around this in recent years.

As a coalition interested in systemic change, we acknowledge that addressing the impact of systemic racism on some people facing multiple disadvantage must be part of our work. We are now seeking to further our understanding of how we and the local areas we support can counter systemic racism and improve racial equity in our/their work. We have already begun some conversations with the MEAM Approach Network on this topic and areas have expressed a desire to explore and change.

Racism and multiple disadvantage research

We are seeking to commission a learning partner to engage with us and a small number of the local areas we support on this topic and to create findings, frameworks and tools that can benefit us, the network and a wider audience. We intend for this be a solution-oriented programme of work, which will help local areas to explore the issues and develop practical, locally-owned actions for positive change.

The primary focus for this work will be on racism and racial equity. However, as with all aspects of our work, we acknowledge that different forms of discrimination intersect and that these experiences can cause, amplify and prolong individuals’ experiences of multiple disadvantage. We expect therefore that there will be some exploration within the work of intersectionality and how class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, disability impact and inform the way people experience racial oppression and discrimination.

Given the subject matter, we are seeking a specialist race equity partner who can bring a significant personal understanding or lived experience of systemic racism and its impacts on different groups of people.

Application process and timescales

We invite interested providers to set out a clear tender for the work and submit your applications to by Noon on Wednesday 12 April 2023.

Read the Invitation to Tender for full information on the brief, application process and timescales. To discuss any aspect of this opportunity, please contact:

We look forward to hearing from you.

**This tender process is now closed**