Supporting the Government to improve the lives of people with multiple needs

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Alongside a focus on delivering legislation for Brexit, this week’s Queen’s speech outlined a number of announcements relevant to people with multiple needs. As the new parliamentary session opens, Homeless Link Policy Manager Chris Brill asks: what should we be calling on Government to do? People with multiple needs face a combination of issues including homelessness, substance misuse, […]

Addressing multiple needs within the party manifestos

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Following the publication of party manifestos in the run up to the general election on 8th June, the MEAM coalition is pleased to see commitments across the parties recognising the importance of approaches that support people with multiple needs. Our Policy and Practice Officer Laura Greason takes a look at the detail.

A new approach to social justice?

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Shortly before this week’s election announcement, the government launched a paper setting out how they plan to tackle some big social issues. What does this new plan have to say about people with multiple needs, and how might the upcoming election affect it? In this blog, Ayaz Manji, Policy Officer at Mind, takes a closer look.

Addressing multiple needs in the NHS: an opportunity to influence

NHS England have recently published several important papers setting out the things they expect every local healthcare trust to do over the next two years, and how they are going to support these ambitions. In this blog, Andrew Brown (@andrewbrown365), a consultant to the Making Every Adult Matter coalition on substance misuse issues, provides some background.

View our Walking the Frontline exhibition online

Walking the Frontline

Last month we launched Walking the Frontline, an exhibition in Birmingham sharing the ideas and perspectives of people with multiple needs and those who support them.  Using our interactive online map, you can now explore the displays from the exhibition.

Launch of Walking the Frontline in Birmingham

Photos from the exhibition launch

On Tuesday 7 June, the Making Every Adult Matter coalition launched a new exhibition sharing the ideas and perspectives of people with multiple needs and those who support them.

Designed with the help of participants in Voices from the Frontline, a project led by MEAM’s embedded policy team over the last two years, the exhibition tells stories about the challenges people are facing, and the lessons that policymakers can draw from their experiences.

At the opening reception, there were contributions from Dr. Adrian Phillips, Director of Public Health for Birmingham, and Richard Harris, an expert by experience from co-organisers Birmingham Changing Futures Together, who created a new painting for the exhibition.

Our vote is a freedom that we all deserve

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Ruth Wallbank is a Systems Broker at Voices of Stoke, supporting individuals experiencing multiple needs. In this guest blog on election day, she reflects on voting and what it means – both for her, and for the people she works with.