Learning Hub: Community Mental Health Framework & Multiple Disadvantage

About this event


We are pleased to invite you to participate in the next MEAM Learning Hub. Together we will explore how we understand the community mental health framework, and how to better use it to support people experiencing multiple disadvantage. We will draw on lessons learned through the MEAM Approach Year 4 Evaluation Thematic Report on Statutory Mental Health Services and multiple disadvantage.

The session’s speakers (tbc) will:

– Give an overview of the community mental health framework

– Present key lessons from the MEAM thematic report on mental health

Following the speakers you will have a choice of two workshops which will also be confirmed in due course.

MEAM Learning Hubs are designed for frontline workers such as navigators and specialist mental health workers to share and develop their practice, however people who commission frontline services may also find them useful. Please invite the people you feel are most relevant from your local MEAM partnership. People with lived experience of multiple disadvantage are encouraged to attend if the day is of interest.

Date and time


Tue, 25 January 2022

14:00 – 16:30 GMT

Please use the Eventbrite to book your spaces here. If you require additional information please contact your partnership manager to request this.