Reflections from the MEAM Approach network

May 30, 2022

To mark a new phase in the MEAM Approach network, we recently took time to reflect with partners across the country on what has been learnt about tackling multiple disadvantage, what has and hasn’t been achieved and how this collective learning can shape practice and policy in the years ahead.

In Reflections from the MEAM Approach network, we explore some of the ‘key ingredients’ that MEAM Approach areas and the MEAM team see as essential to successful work, and consider what is needed next for the future. The content of the report reflects five facilitated conversations held at the MEAM Approach network annual conference in March 2022, which can be viewed here.

We hope that the reflections in this report inspire local areas and national policymakers in their work to tackle multiple disadvantage. MEAM will continue to advocate for a better system, locally and nationally, utilising the experience and expertise of the MEAM Approach network to inform our work.

Through our support to the MEAM Approach network and others, we will ensure that there is a healthy and diverse eco-system of local areas across the country working to tackle multiple disadvantage. We will enable these networks to learn and share from each other and ensure that the growing movement of people committed to tackling multiple disadvantage is supported to achieve change.

If you are interested in joining the MEAM Approach network for 2022-24, please see details of our current Expression of Interest process.