Ask the Network

MEAM will be producing a series of recordings focused on multiple disadvantage and COVID-19 over the next few weeks. Our staff will be discussing local responses to the virus with a host of experts and exploring ways of reducing the potential negative impact it could have on this group.  We hope these videos will be a way for the MEAM Approach and Fulfilling Lives networks to keep in touch with each other over the weeks ahead.

No 1. Accommodation

No 2: Personalised Support

No 3: Partnership Approaches to Accommodation and Support

No 4: Substance Misuse

No 5: Substance Misuse Changing Lives

No 6. Coronavirus and Changes to the Care Act

No 7: Prison Resettlement and COVID-19

No 8: Substance Misuse and Clinical Responses

No 9: Substance Misuse and Health Concerns

No 10: Mental Health Support

No 11: Coproduction and Lived Experience

No 12: Partnership working and planning for the future

No 13: Coronavirus and the Mental Health Act

No 14: Supporting Coproduction during Coronavirus

No 15: The Lead Worker Peer Mentor Model