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Stafford Borough Council

Civic Centre
ST16 3AQ

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Area Summary

Getting started - partnership, co-production and defining the problem

Stafford joined the MEAM work in 2019 when MEAM were specifically looking for new areas to join the network in the Midlands. In order to sustain low numbers of rough sleeping, Stafford set up the Inclusion Team, a weekly drop in for an identified group of people who were experiencing multiple disadvantage. Voluntary and statutory sector partners committed to working outside of normal process boundaries to work with this group. Partners committed to a single support plan for the cohort that works to provide outcomes for individuals with multiple and complex needs that go beyond housing.  The weekly drop in sessions are supported by a strategic  group that meets quarterly to provide direction to the group and mandate for processes to be changed where required.

The Inclusion Team worked exceptionally well for the initial cohort and all of the individuals involved moved away from rough sleeping, recognising that the interventions needed for this group moved beyond housing, Stafford joined the MEAM approach network to support them as they look at broadening and enhancing the inclusion team offer and consider multiple disadvantage more broadly. The Inclusion Team operational work is guided by a multi-disciplinary team of health and housing workers.

Designing your intervention

Stafford are currently in the process of developing both their strategic and operational models going forward, with plans to allocate additional resource for the MEAM work. They are also looking at options around governance for the work, and considering whether a countywide approach to multiple needs is possible.