South East



Lead partner

Surrey County Council Public Health


Other Partners

  • Surrey Heartland ICS
  • Surrey Health and Wellbeing Board Mental Health Delivery Board
  • Surrey County Council Adult Social Care
  • National Probation Service
  • Surrey Police
  • Surrey OPCC
  • Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust
  • Surrey Chief Housing Officers & Housing Associations
  • Woking Mind

Area Summary

Getting started - partnership, coproduction and defining the problem

A Steering group and Operations group were set up to review a Joint Response Unit initiative between SECAMB and Surrey Police around responses requiring Police and Ambulance attendance for people experiencing a mental health crisis. This was our first piece of MEAM work and was successful in delivery and subsequent roll out.

Surrey Action Group, the experts by experience group, was formed and met regularly to help scope the SAM work and co-production. The chairman of the Surrey Action Group was part of the interview panel for the Senior Partnership Manager Role, which started in December 2019.

A launch event was held in February 2020 and was attend by over 100 professionals.

Designing your intervention

A Quadrant approach has been adopted across the county, its role is to oversee referrals, selection and monitoring and to draw out emerging systems issues. Quadrants are made up of two to four Boroughs and Districts and a Quadrant governance panel comprising senior managers from Housing; drug and alcohol services; Police and Probation. They also report in to the Steering Group, a strategic group chaired by the director of public health and comprising senior managers and commissioners within the partnership group.

Since April 2020, a cohort of 25 clients has benefitted from the Team Around the Person approach. All relevant agencies meet regularly to review the current situation with the client and form an action plan. This approach is proving favourable with clients and professionals alike, with improved information sharing, collaboration and clients feeling listened to and advocated for.

Sustainability and system change

We are already seeing the benefits our partners are finding by working this way and how outcomes for clients are improving, using a “do with” and not “do to” approach.

Our aim in year two is to appoint trained peer mentors to every SAM client. This will help with the transition from intense focus to more 1-1 sustainability through recovery.

We are now 6 months into our MEAM work (as of July 2020) and beginning to understand the issues and obstacles we can tackle over the coming months and into next year. As we begin to examine the emerging themes we can determine where system change needs to happen at both local and countywide level.