North Yorkshire



Lead partner

Changing Lives

Union Terrace
Y031 7ES

Other Partners

  • City of York Council Adult Social Care
  • City of York Council Housing
  • City of York Council Public Health
  • Healthwatch York
  • TEWV Foundation Trust
  • York Ambulance service
  • York Pathways
  • North Yorkshire Police

Area Summary

Getting started - partnership, coproduction and defining the problem

We began working on the MEAM Approach in York in 2015, with a strong strategic partnership and a coordinator hosted by Arclight. Through this work we have achieved some excellent outcomes with individuals who had previously fallen through the gaps of services. However, following a period of restructuring and retendering in York the strategic oversight has weakened and is in need of rejuvenation. The launch of the new MEAM Approach network in 2017 has been an opportunity for us to refresh and refocus our coordinated response to multiple needs in York, starting with bringing senior partners together to build a shared understanding of what multiple needs looks like in York.

Designing your intervention

We currently have a number of interventions in York designed for people experiencing multiple needs. These include our original MEAM Approach intervention, York Pathways, Assertive Outreach, Local Area Coordination, Social Prescribing, Housing Support and our Drug and Alcohol services. Through the newly formed Multiple Complex Needs Network, we will explore how these interventions can come together to complement one another and provide maximum impact and efficiency.

Sustainability and system change

Our current research is showing us that there is not necessarily a shortage of services in York working with people with needs, however there is a need and appetite to coordinate the different interventions under an umbrella strategic leadership network. Currently interventions are funded from a range of sectors including criminal justice, public health, housing and adult social care. Together, we are now in a position to explore how we can maximise this level of support and will to its full potential. As well as focusing on better coordinating services and sectors, we are also interested in exploring the role of community in order to truly achieve place based, whole systems change.