Adur and Worthing

West Sussex



Lead partner

Turning Tides

Town Hall
Chapel Road
West Sussex
BN11 1HA

Other Partners

  • Adur and Worthing Council Communities and Wellbeing Team
  • Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust
  • Adur and Worthing Council Housing Services
  • Change Grow Live
  • West Sussex County Council
  • West Coast Rehab Team – KSS CRC
  • Safe Lives West Sussex

Area Summary

Getting started – partnership, coproduction and defining the problem

A local System’s Leadership group formed a partnership of senior figures from agencies including Police, mental health, Local Authority, homelessness and substance misuse services in Worthing. The group identified the need for a multi- agency approach to tackle multiple needs. Working in partnership, Turning Tides have led the redesign of the system around people with multiple needs. The Operational Management Group- or MARAC- shortly followed and focuses on clients that the Support Navigators are working with. Our Navigators utilise the partnership to support clients while offering an on the ground critique of the effects of existing systems to ensure that persistent barriers to clients accessing support are addressed.

Designing your intervention

The work is coordinated by our team of two multiple needs outreach workers. Our cohort is of clients that were initially sleeping rough but have also experienced other forms of multiple disadvantage. We focus on 22 clients and the operational group (which was historically a Community Safety Partnership group) meets every week for feedback to the partnership about the impact of action plans, suggesting different ways of working to ensure people do not fall between the gaps of existing mainstream services. We aim to bring a bespoke service to the clients, rather than the client trying to navigate each service separately. The posts are based at Turning Tides but link closely with the operational group and the systems leadership partnership.

Sustainability and system change

Navigators are expected to provide honest feedback of an intervention’s success to the partners; this ensures that the partnership learns from the people receiving interventions, so that systemic change across organisations can be implemented. We also see the project as a learning platform to provide recommendations on how the local system can reframe its perspective to best support those with multiple and complex needs. For new members, we are looking at more systems leadership training as well as developing a formal systems change strategy for Worthing’s most vulnerable clients.