Tyne and Wear



Lead partner

Sunderland City Council Housing

31 - 32 Fawcett Street
Tyne & Wear

Other Partners

  • Sunderland City Council Adult Social Care
  • NHS Sunderland CCG
  • Changing Lives
  • National Probation Service
  • Oasis Aquila
  • Northumbria Police

Area Summary

Getting started -partnership, coproduction and defining the problem

Sunderland had previously been a MEAM pilot area from 2014-2016, employing a co-ordinator for 2 years. We learned a lot in that time and have built on that learning and enthusiasm of partners to become a MEAM approach area again. We have a number of people in the City with Multiple and Complex needs, having a large private hostel population with referrals coming in from other Local Authority areas. We have good partnership working in the City and have built on the well-established Hostel Strategy Group, bringing together MEAM and the Health Needs Audit Action Group and re-naming the one group The ‘Improving Lives Together Partnership’. Partners include representatives from Police, Probation, Health, Commissioning, Councillors, Hostel Owners, Homeless Charities, Community Safety, Mental Health, CCG, DWP, Adult Social Care, and Supported Housing.

Designing your intervention

We have developed a small task group that will be our operational group, to discuss the referrals, identify the best agency to take the lead and identify any gaps/issues in services. Any issues/gaps will be fed up into the Improving Lives Together Partnership Meeting to resolve, or then to the Adult Safeguarding Board if input needed from a higher level. We estimate that there will be 7-10 clients identified as our MEAM cohort.

Sustainability and system change

We hope that by having the right partners around the table at the Improving Lives Together Partnership and the Task Group we can achieve the sustainability and system change needed to support the MEAM client group. Also we have the buy-in of our Adult Safeguarding Board meaning that any issues or gaps can be raised and resolved at senior level.