Resources for local areas

This page provides practical resources for local areas in the MEAM Approach network.


We have developed two webinars for local partnerships in both the MEAM Approach and Fulfilling Lives networks. The webinars are intended to act as a base for discussion for two important elements of your work; (1) developing power-aware and trauma-informed cross-sector partnerships and (2) taking a systemic approach to multiple disadvantage.

Developing power-aware and trauma-informed cross-sector partnerships. This webinar explores:

  • Three key aspects of effective partnership working: (1) Coproduction and power; (2) Developing a positive learning culture; and (3) Generating shared vision and values to underpin your work
  • Tips for developing and maintaining a healthy partnership

Taking a systemic approach to multiple disadvantage. This webinar explores:

  • Understanding multiple disadvantage through a systems thinking lens
  • Exploring the values and behaviours central to systems thinking
  • Exploring who is represented and where power lies in systems
  • Contextualising “the problem” from different perspectives


Healthy Partnerships Self-Assessment Tool

During 2019-2020, our independent evaluators, Cordis Bright, undertook a thematic review of how partnerships are structured and work in practice across areas using the MEAM Approach. The report focuses particularly on what makes partnerships more effective and the common challenges they encounter.

We’ve created a Healthy Partnerships Self-Assessment Tool based on this research. It is intended to help local areas and organisations to consider where their partnership work is at the moment; to help identify potential areas for improvement and to reflect on what actions to take.


MEAM Approach Network Case Studies

Local areas use the MEAM Approach to consider many aspects of multiple disadvantage. Here, you can read case studies about how 4 areas have adopted the MEAM Approach. You can also learn more about diverse areas of work that have developed as a result of local areas using the MEAM Approach.


MEAM Approach network communications guide

This resource provides practical advice on communications for areas in the MEAM Approach network.

MEAM Approach Network Communications Guide


MEAM Approach logos

Local areas in the MEAM Approach network (i.e. those receiving support from a MEAM Partnerships Manager) are entitled to use the MEAM Approach logo to show that they are working in partnership with the MEAM coalition and with other areas in the network.

We request that areas do not use the logos and branding of Homeless Link, Clinks, Mind or the MEAM coalition.

Download the MEAM Approach logo as: