Service pilots

Evaluation of the MEAM Service Pilots

In 2010 MEAM began supporting three pilot programmes to improve coordination of existing local services for people facing multiple needs and exclusions. These pilots were based in Cambridgeshire, Somerset (Mendip and Sedgemoor) and Derby. We are now able to share the findings from the evaluation of the pilots, undertaken for us by FTI Consulting, Compass Lexecon and Pro Bono Economics.

Following 39 clients, the evaluation provides some of the strongest data available on multiple needs and exclusions.  The results show statistically significant increases in individual wellbeing and provide important information on how the shape and cost of wider service use changes as people engage with coordinated interventions.

In two of the three pilot areas we saw a reduction in costs to the criminal justice system.  In Cambridgeshire this reduction was large enough to offset the other costs incurred as people got the help they needed, resulting in an overall cost reduction.  The total cost of service use in the first year increased in the other two areas.   Together with our partners we will continue to collect data on service use for a further year to examine changes over time.

The report includes our evaluation tools, data sets and practical advice. We hope it will be of use to local and national policymakers and to areas considering the development of coordinated services. We would like to thank colleagues at FTI Consulting, Compass Lexecon, Pro Bono Economics and the pilot areas for all their work over this period. 

NB: The original New Directions Team Assessment is available here; the NDT questions are also included on page 38 of the evaluation report.  Any area using the NDT assessment framework in full or in part must acknowledge copyright to the South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust.


Download the MEAM Pilots Evaluation and the Technical Appendix